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A game by Nikolai Shkurkin and Chris Hall. Entry for the Ludum Dare 47 Jam.

Find your way through a secret laboratory with Boomie, your trusty boomerang. Boomie is quirky - rather than come back to you, Boomie likes to circle around and around! Can you use Boomie's abilities to find your way to the end?

Best experienced with headphones!


WASD - move around

Space - Throw or recall Boomie. You must create a looping path for Boomie to follow!

K - switch characters


Engine - Phaser.js

Graphics - FTLPaint by Nikolai

Levels - Tiled


Music - Bosca Ceoil

Thank you for playing! Thanks so much Nikolai for leading the charge on this jam, I had a blast!

Ludum Dare page

Source code on GitHub

Post-deadline fixes 10/5 8:40 PM
- Fixed crash in Safari and Opera
- Added boomerang hit prompt in title screen

- Added switch in last level to prevent soft lock

- 10:43 PM Widened hallway to prevent getting trapped in a door

- 10/6 10:43 AM Ad blockers didn't like the file called boomerang.js . Renamed to boomie.js

How to enable game sound in Safari:

Click "Settings for This Website..."

Then select "Auto-Play: Allow All Auto-Play"

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AuthorsChrisLHall, nshkurkin
Tagsboomerang, loop, Ludum Dare 47, overhead, Sci-fi
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