You are a raccoon. Descend into a dungeon, looking for lost books. Try not to die. Get the key on each level to progress. Collecting the books is not required, but recommended as an optional challenge. There is one book on each level. You cannot fight back.

Let me know how far you get! I haven't got past level 14 myself, with only like 7 books.

This started with the idea of building a horror-themed roguelike for 7DRL. Answering questions like, how do you build tension and creepiness in a turn-based game? I'm not much of a designer, and this is my first roguelike, but I think the game turned out pretty fun. Thanks Ian G and everyone else who playtested and watched the stream!

StatusIn development
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Tags2D, Seven Day Roguelike Challenge, Creepy, Roguelike


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Made it to level 10, with 7 books! 

Very clever use of emojis for your roguelike!   The optional difficulty of getting books was a nice touch and the ?s in the dark are a really good idea.  Is it a book or a ghost?  Who knows!   Some of the spawns were super tough to navigate though, I wish I had a "shout at mice to get out of the way" button once a level lol.


Thanks! Thats a neat idea, having a way to shout away the enemies. Especially if it was on a cooldown or something you have to find so its precious/rare. Thanks for playing!


Very cute game! I liked the abilities of different enemies (ghosts and spiders, that is - haven't gotten past those), although I couldn't figure out whether everyone moves absolutely at random or in a different pattern. My first try was level 6ish (got killed by 2x2 green mold), my second attempt attached :)

Thanks! This is as far as I've made it too heh


I got to level 11 with, dunno, at least 8 books on first try. Fun little game!

Thanks! :D


Note that rats only attack you when *you* move next to them.  Therefore you only take damage should you choose to do so.

Yea its a bit odd since they don't chase you. They only hurt you if they decide to move towards you and you dont get out of the way. Do you think it would be helpful if they always attack you if you're next to them?


That would make the game much harder, and the current behavior makes sense. I used the same rule for some enemies in one of my games. It's a nice counterpoint to the aggressive ones who have it in for you.